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SAGA25にブース出展しました! Appearance at the SAGA25(Support for African/Asian Great Apes)



SAGA25(Support for African/Asian Great Apes〜アフリカ・アジアに生きる大型類人猿を支援する集い)が、2023年10月21日〜22日に秋田県立大学で開催され、新生JGI-Japanは、R&S稼働のお披露目と関係各位へのご挨拶も兼ねてブース出展してまいりました。

SAGAとは、1)チンパンジーだけでなくより広く大型類人猿全体を包括し、 2)研究者だけでなくより広汎な人々を対象にした集いです。野生であるか飼育下であるかを問わず、また研究であるか否かを問わず、大型類人猿に関心をもつ方々が一堂に会してその研究・飼育・自然保護の現状と将来について皆で考えようというものです。






Text: Kiyoshi Koike

SAGA25 (Support for African/Asian Great Apes) was held at Akita University from October 21 to 22, 2023. JGI-Japan participated in the event by showcasing the new operation of Roots & Shoots.  

SAGA is a consortium founded in 1998 with three main goals: 1) to conserve the natural habitat of wild great apes; 2) to enrich the lives of those in captivity, and; 3) to bring an end to the use of great apes as subjects in invasive studies. 

The inaugural symposium, titled ‘Research, Captivity, and Conservation of African Great Apes,’ was held on November 19, 1998, in Inuyama City, Aichi Prefecture, Japan. Approximately 300 participants gathered for the event, and renowned primatologist Dr. Jane Goodall was invited as a keynote speaker. She attended alongside Mr. Jan van Hooff (Netherlands) and Mr. Alexander Harcourt (USA). This symposium holds significance for Dr. Jane Goodall and JGI-Japan. Dr. Goodall has been a familiar presence and has been frequently invited to subsequent events, including the SAGA15 held in Sapporo in 2012.

JGI-Japan had been actively involved in booth exhibitions, although we’ve unfortunately been out of touch since the last gathering, SAGA18, which took place in Kyoto. Dr. Juichi Yamagiwa, a leading figure in gorilla research, Dr. Tetsuro Matsuzawa, an expert in chimpanzee studies, and Dr. Kazuhiko Itani, a bonobo specialist and former chairman of JGI-Japan, had been key supporters of the symposium. Along with Dr. Jane Goodall, they shared a long-standing camaraderie as researchers in their respective fields. These distinguished individuals, each a pioneer in their domain, have already passed the baton of operational leadership to the next generation, now managed by a group of young and fresh members.

Inspired by the new era of SAGA we look forward to receiving continued guidance in the academic realm. We also hope to seek support to the activities of groups in Japan, including those embarking on projects such as R&S, by drawing on the collective strength of our collaborative efforts.

Text: Kiyoshi Koike

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